PSA Consolidation Manager - Users: How to create a new user

How to create a new user

  1. Go to Consolidation ManagerUsersAdd a New User
  2. Fill in all the boxes and make the appropriate choices.
    • Diocesan Administrator: has full control over Consolidation Manager, Options,
      and Organizations.
    • Dio User: This is the same as the Dio Admin role, except they do not have the option to change anything about the Dio Admin role.
    • Consolidation User: if you plan to put this user into a group, select this setting. A Consolidation User has limited permissions. He or she can send email, view reports, and change his or her
      password but cannot make changes to accounts, permission levels, or to his or her
      role assignment. Templates may be assigned to this category. When no template is assigned they have Church Admin rights.
    • Church Administrator: has full control over the organization’s database and users.
      There is no management of this user’s permissions.
    • Church User: a Diocesan Administrator or Church Administrator can establish permissions for
      the user, allowing or disallowing access to various items in the database. This user has no access
      to the Church Manager tab.
      *See the ParishSOFT Ledger & Payables User Guide for more information on assigning permissions. Simply search the PDF file for the word "permissions" to see how each assigned permission affects the user's capability.
The password must be a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 12 characters and contain at least one digit or non-alpha character.



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