ParishCast Alert - Alert: How to send an alert now (non-emergency)

How to send an alert now (non-emergency) 

  1. Begin on the Send Alert Page
    • Which is the first page you will see when you log into your account as an Admin.
    • You may also access the Send Alert Page by hovering over Alerts and selecting Send Alert.
  2. Fill out the information regarding who to send the alert to.
    • Select Groups: These have been defined by Admin accounts in Groups → Add Groups
    • User Types: Member, Staff, Admin
    • Message Type: Choose from the dropdown list.
  3. Fill out the message information.
    • Insert Name Options will add each person's name into the message. This may be preferable when using an email alert and no so much when using a text alert.
      • For example, selecting the First Name option will insert the placeholder for the first name that looks like this: $firstname$.
    • Insert Template: You may have already created a template of a particular kind of alert you want to send. If so, you may insert the Template and then modify it for this particular alert. Likewise, once you have created an alert, you may save it by clicking the Save Template button.
    • Message Subject
    • Message Body
  4. At this point, if you want to send the message now, you must click the Send Message Now Button at the bottom.
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