PSFS Offering - Batches: How to manage a batch ownership change (I)

How to manage a batch ownership change

Sometimes a staff member leaves or is terminated but their open batches are still assigned to them as owner. Usually, only the owner of the batch can close the batch, so the ownership needs to be transferred to another staff member. 

 Per confluence, the following must be in order to perform a batch ownership change. 

  • Open batch ownership changes must be requested by DIO or Parish Org Admin ONLY.
  • A staff assignment audit will need to be completed by the requesting admin.
  • Staff assignments for terminated staff must be closed. Batches owned by staff with open functional assignments may not be moved. 
  • Batches without member ownership (negative id's, null mduid) or members with closed staff assignments will be moved to either the org's admin or designated parish staff.
  • All Open Batches can be updated to a new master batch holder regardless of the validity of current holders staff assignment for one billable hour for $0.00. (free)
  • The Professional Services Form is attached.



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