PS Dio DDM - EOY Donor Reports: How to run the end of year contributions detail statements for diocesan development

How to run the end of year contributions detail statements for diocesan development

The contributions detail statement provide diocesan users with end of the year documentation to provide to givers; these statements outline the contributions and pledges that were designated within any defined date range. 

  • Click on Diocesan Development, then click on Donor Reports. 
  • The Donor Reports page will display. The only report that will be available is the Contributions Detail Statement. 
  • The fund selection grid located on the bottom left of the page provides a listing of Tax Deductible funds that were created through the DDM Fund Properties. Funds will only appear if a contribution has been made towards the fund or the pledge. 
  • All funds can be selected using the Select All Funds links as shown below. 
  • Date Ranges in which contributions have taken place can be defined within the date filters on the top right corner of the page. For end-of-year statements, the filters should be set to 1/1/**** to 12/31/***
  • The family selection radio buttons allow users to define which specific family statements should be generated. Only one option may be selected.
    • The All Families option will generate all Family statements to anyone that has given to the defined funds,
    • The Family DUID From/To option allows users to define a grouping of Family statements in relation to the range of the Family DUID that is assigned to families. 
    • The Only Selected Families option displays a search grid in which users can select the desired family for which they wish to generate the statement. 
  • Specific filters are provided to help narrow down report results for Contribution Statements.
    • Payment Types: Allows users to define which payment types should be included in the statements. 
    • Name Filters: Allows users to define which families to exclude from the report by First Name or Last Name. Multiple name filters can be applied, as well as enabled or disabled. 
    • Other Filters: Allows users to define if families should be included depending on:
      • If the family has a blank street address.
      • If the family has a blank/invalid zip code.
      • Families that have specified Send No Mail
      • Families that have specified Do Not Solicit 
      • To include contributions where "Exclude for EOY Statement" was checked.
      • Include zero dollar contribution line items. 
    • Exclusions from Periodic Statement: Allows users to define which families should be excluded within a date range. 
    • Letterhead and Signature: Allows users to upload an image of a signature on the statement. 
    • Body of Statement: Allows users to define the specific text to be entered within the statement. 
    • Column Order: Allows users to sort specific contribution information that is shown on the statement. The option to include that column of data can also be defined. 
    • Mailing Name Types: Allows users to define which mailing name type should be displayed on the report. This includes:
      • Family Formal Mailing Name
      • Family Formal Salutation 
      • Family Informal Name
      • Family Informal Salutation
  • Users have the option to generate the report in the following formats:
    • PDF: Generates in a Printable Document Format.
    • CSV: Generates in a raw data format. This usually displays in Excel.


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