PSG Admin - Account: How to close your ParishSOFT Giving Account

How to close your ParishSOFT Giving account

Only your account manager can work with you to close your account.

Before closing your account, you may want to consider connecting with our Giving Success Coach who can explore ways with you to make your giving program successful. Many churches who thought they wanted to close out their accounts were able to transform their giving program using this free coaching service.

After ensuring you have done all you can to make your online giving program as effective as possible if you still want to close your ParishSOFT Giving Account, the following must be done:

  1. Contact your account manager. They will be responsible to ensure you are not charged for the service after you cancel. If you are not sure who your account manager is, send an email to support asking them for the contact information of your account manager.

    After you have talked to your account manager:
  2. Disable all recurring gifts and donor accounts
  3. Deactivate all of your funds.
  4. If you have not yet taken the link down from your website, please do so.
  5. Please log in to your admin portal and confirm that you have paid your bill for services to the point of cancellation. Invoices are for the prior month's use of the software. For example, an invoice issued in June is for service in May.
    • If your members processed donations in the prior month, this will need to be paid before closing the account.
  6. Last Step: reply to the current ticket you have with support to let them know:
    • The cancellation date you set with your account manager
    • That you have completed steps 2 - 5 above
    • That your account is ready to be closed
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