PSFS Family Directory - Group Events Entry: How to use events to track Safe Environment Program participation

How to use Events to track Safe Environment Program participation

Add the Safe Environment event category and steps to the Lookup Table

  1. In Lookups, add Safe Environment as an Event Category.
  2. Still in Lookups, add the required steps in your Safe Environment program such as Background Check and VIRTUS Training.
    • Select Safe Environment from the Event Category dropdown.
    • Under the Safe Environment grid that displays, click the add button (+) and fill in the items you want to track.
    • Continue until all of the items have been added.


Mark the completed steps in the Group Event Entry for each member as notified. 

  1. When a group of people completes one of the steps, go to Family Directory → Group Event Entry to record it.
  2. Under Step 1: Member Search, enter filter options to narrow down the results or leave the filters blank to bring up all members in the parish. 
  3. Click Search.
  4. Under Step 2: Member Records, you may create a list of the members you want to update in the Safe Environment program.
    • In the Last Name field, enter the last name of the first member you want to add to the list. You may also fill in the other fields if it helps.
    • When the correct member's name is displayed, click the Add icon add_button.png to the left of the member's name.
    • This will add the member's name to the Selected Members list. Continue adding the members you want to update to the Selected Members list. Once you have populated the list, go to Step 3.
  5. Under Step 3: Enter Event Information, select the Event Category for Safe Environment.
    • If one of the steps such as background check or the training needs to be repeated after a set time (for example, 3 years), you can enter the expiration date in the End Date field. If a step is not complete, leave the Completed box unchecked. Enter in other details as needed.

Reporting on Safe Environment Program Participation

To see a list of people who have completed a particular step in training, use the Life Events Report to report on Safe Environment reports.

  1. Under Report Type, select Census or Family Directory.
  2. Under Report, choose Life Events.
  3. Under Event Categories, select Safe Environment.
  4. Under Events, select the items you want to report on.



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