DM Funds - Funds: How to delete a fund

How to delete a fund

Navigate to the Funds page.

  1. Using the Navigator Bar, select Funds.
  2. Using the Funds Card, select Go to Funds
  3. Find and select the fund. See How to search for a fund.
  4. Click the delete action button in the upper right corner, then click Yes in the confirmation pop-up screen.
  5. Attempting to delete a fund that is affiliated with a batch and/or a batch posting will result in the following error.Izzy_Funds_Delete_Error-Message.png
    • If the batch is still open, you may edit the posting(s) and change the fund.
    • If the batch is still open, you must edit the batch and change the fund.
    • Once there are no batches or postings tied to the fund, you may delete it.
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  • The fund is completely empty and will not delete

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  • @Annette, you did the right thing by calling in a support ticket. Through that process, you discovered that there were some contributions that had been posted to the fund, and therefore, since it could not be deleted, you removed it from the list by removing your 'fund permissions' to the fund.

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