PSFS Offering - Batches: How to remove a contribution in a closed batch due to insufficient funds (NSF)or because it was entered in error

How to remove a contribution in a closed batch due to insufficient funds (NSF)


Since you cannot re-open a closed batch to remove the NSF entries or entries that were entered in error, you must reverse the original entry by creating a "Removal Batch." If your organization's application has been updated to the New Offering program, please see this article.

Note: These steps walk through how to remove an entry that was made to a now-closed batch but which must be removed due to insufficient funds (or for any other reason). If you simply want to make corrections to the batch rather than remove it, you may find steps to make a correction batch in the article, How to edit/correct contributions in a closed batch. Corrections include changes in fields like date, fund, amount, etc.

You may not use Quick Entry Posting for this kind of correction batch since a correction batch requires entering negative $$ numbers. Negative dollar amounts are only possible in Detail Posting.

Steps for creating a removal batch: (see screenshot below)

  1. Go to the Batch Management page and create a new Detailed Posting Batch.
    Add_Removal_Batch.pngUsing the same batch description (name) helps to later identify which batch is being removed by this removal batch. Add the word "Removal" to the end of the description to differentiate this batch from the original closed batch.
    • Enter the batch "Cash Total"  using the amount of the NSF contribution except add a negative sign. If there is more than one entry, enter the sum of all entries with the negative sign. For example, if your NSF contribution was $50.00, this removal batch Cash Total should be -$50.00. If there were two NSF contributions, one for $50.00 and one for $10.00, the Cash total should be -$60.00.
    • Make a record of the "Batch ID" number. The Batch ID number is useful when posting individual contributions to the batch using the "Posting→ Detailed Posting" function if you have many open batches.
  2. Enter all the contributions you want to remove -- identical to the original postings with the same posting date, fund, family, and amount -- except.. use NEGATIVE $$ amounts. This will negate the original (incorrect) posted contribution.

    The software will identify that a removal has been made and once the removal batch is closed, the removed donations from either batch should not show on the end-of-year statement.

If you are not used to using the Detailed Posting option, it does not list all transactions entered the way the Quick Entry Posting option does. You must run a Batch Report to see all the entries.



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