Legacy Offering - Reports: How long does it take to generate e-statements?

How long does it take to generate e-statements?


It could take from 15 minutes to several hours to generate e-statements.

No matter how long it takes, you may continue to work in the software. Keep in mind, each time you run the process to generate e-statements, it clears out all e-statements and starts over, even if your filters are different.

For best processing times, consider generating your e-statements just before you leave for the evening. By the next morning, the status should be listed as Generated. The process should continue to work even after you log out of the software.

After several hours, go back into Offering → Reports → Contributions → Statements to see the Electronic Statements Status.

Status: after several hours, normally the status will have changed to Generated.

    • No Statements Created - statements have not been generated
    • In Process - the report is still sending statements to MOC
    • Generated - statements are available for download in MOC

If it has been over four hours, contact support.

Some considerations as to why it may take longer than expected:

  • Time of day: mid-day has the longest processing time
  • Heavy traffic on the server: January through early February are heavy reporting months.



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