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How to navigate the Development Manager screens

The Home Page

The home page is made up of two navigation tools: The Navigator Bar and the Pages Panel.

  • The Pages Panel contains Cards.
  • Each Card contains Page Links which, when clicked, will navigate to the specified page.
  • Once you navigate to a specific page, the Navigator Bar will still be present while the Pages Panel is no longer visible. To navigate back to the Pages Panel, Click Home.
  • For additional information on any screen, select the In-App Help icon in the upper right corner of every page sandwiched between the Diocese Name and the User Name.

The Navigator Bar

  • The Navigator Bar is present on every page.  Clicking the hamburger menu icon will collapse or expand the Navigator Bar. When collapsed, the Navigator Bar shows the initial(s) of each option.
  • Any options listed on the Navigator Bar that has a carrot v or ^ may be toggled to expand or contract that item as shown above in the Development Manager screen or under Reports.
  • Any item on the Navigator Bar that does not show a carrot is a page link.

For more information on the Home Page elements, see the in-app article, About the Home Page.

Navigating to a page

To navigate to a page, select either the page link at the bottom of the card or select the page link on the Navigator Bar. Either option in the screenshot below will take you to the Funds page.

Action Buttons

The following action buttons are displayed in the upper right corner of each page. Not every action button will be found on every page. For example, the Delete Record button would not be found on the Reports Page. 

Using the Filter Panel

The filter panel may be hidden or displayed. Two of the action buttons on the filter panel (shown below the action buttons in this image) may also be found elsewhere on the screen. That way, even when the filter panel is hidden, the action may still be taken.



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