PSA Payroll - Forms: (W-2) How to electronically file your tax forms

How to electronically file your tax forms


ParishSOFT Accounting gives you the ability to electronically file (“efile”) your W-2s. This document instructs you on how to do this. In the process, you will go to a different web site (Nelco) and log in to your account to perform the e-filing. Before doing this, ensure that your W-2s have the correct employee information and amounts. However, if after you submit them electronically, you discover a mistake before Nelco has processed it, do not worry – you can resubmit them. If Nelco has processed it, you must submit a correction. It is best to avoid this situation.

In the e-filing process, you will:

  1. Choose to efile in ParishSOFT Accounting.
  2. Choose which W-2s you want to efile.
  3. Go to the efile web site.
  4. Log in on the site (if you've done this before) or create a new account to use to log in to the site.
  5. Choose which e-filing service you want.
  6. Pay for the e-filing service.
  7. Check the status of e-filing.
  8. How to fix a problem with an employee’s email address.
  9. How to check your filing status through ParishSOFT Accounting

To get started on e-filing:

  1. Go to Payroll → Forms and select the W-2 Electronic Filing link.



  1. Choose which W-2s you wish to e-file then, click on Transmit W-2s.



  1. The e-filing web site checks the file’s accuracy before you log in. If there are errors in the file, they will be displayed immediately before you log in as shown in an example below.



  1. If you do not have any errors in your W-2 file, you will get the following screen.
    • The Email and Password are separate from your ParishSOFT Accounting credentials.
      1. If you already have a Nelco account, you will proceed with entering your email address and password in the fields on the right.
      2. If you do not already have a Nelco account, you can create an account at this time by pressing on the Create Account link.
        • It will give you a User Information screen which you will proceed to fill out.
        • Record the email address and password for this account because you will use it in subsequent years, and also for checking this year’s e-filing status.
      3. After you have successfully created an account, you will get an account confirmation screen similar to the one below.



Choosing your electronic filing package

  1. Now you will be able to see the employees whose W-2s you submitted for e-filing (shown below). On the left, choose from the BUNDLES or A LA CARTE SERVICES to continue with the e-file process. Each choice has a different cost associated with it. Click on the different choices to see what they cost. The cost will be shown in the SUBTOTAL. Once you have chosen your service, click on the NEXT button on the right to continue.

    The screen will show you that your forms are in progress. The number of W-2s that are being processed is shown in the circle (shown below – “5” for this example).

    The progress screen will automatically transition to the SUBMIT FORMS screen. Here you will be given the cost of your e-filing submission. If you want to preview the W-2s before you continue submitting them, you can click on the PREVIEW FORMS button.

    A PDF file containing the forms will pop up, but the forms will have the words “DO NOT FILE” printed across the page from the top left to the bottom right to prevent you from using the form for filing purposes.
  • If you do not see this pop-up file, then you probably have a browser that is not using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, or you have pop-ups blocked in your browser.
  • You can fix this without leaving this screen, but you may want to leave this screen to fix this problem.
  • Contact your local IT support to help you with your browser PDF issues.

    You can also print out a SUMMARY REPORT and a DETAIL REPORT from this screen. The Summary Report is a one page PDF report. It summarizes the totals for each of the boxes in the W-2s. The Detail Report is an Excel file that shows the amounts for each box in the W-2s for each employee.



  1. Once you are satisfied with the information you are submitting, you will proceed to the payment screen (shown below). Here you will enter your credit card information for payment.

    Click on NEXT when you have finished entering the payment information.

    The web site will finish this process by moving you to the REVIEW & CONFIRM screen, then the COMPLETE screen.



Form Filing History

  1. To see the status of your filing, you go to FILING HOME, then click on FORM FILING HISTORY.

    Find the batch number of the filing to check on its status.



  1. How to fix an error in an employee's email address

    If you had chosen to send the employee’s W-2s via email, and there was a mistake in an email address, you can fix this problem in the batch as follows:
    1. Look for the icon that looks like an envelope.
    2. Click on the envelope icon.
    3. Scroll through the names of the employees.
    4. Find employees with incorrect email addresses.
    5. Correct the email address.
    6. Click on the RESEND button to resend the employee the W-2.



How to check the filing status from ParishSOFT Accounting

  1. If on another date, you want to check on the e-filing status, you can use the button in the PAYROLL module under the FORMS icon, and the W-2 Electronic Filing link (shown below):

This will get you back to the screen where you can choose “FORM FILING HISTORY.”



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