PSFS Offering - Giving History: How to view giving history for individual donors

How to view giving history for individual donors


Access Giving History from either the Home tab (first tab on the left)  or from the Offering tab. The Giving History page is visible only to users who have Giving History Access rights assigned to their login credentials.

  1. From either the Home tab or the Offering tab, select the Giving History tab
  2. Select the name of the individual for whom you want to view giving history.
    1. Each name in the list is a link to the donor's giving history.
    2. Clicking the link directs you to the named donor's giving history where you can view all of the funds the donor has pledged and contributed to, the exact dates of giving, and giving amounts.

If you do not see the giving record you expect to see, please see the article, Why am I not able to see giving history?

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  • Where is the home page

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  • Donald, thank you for asking. If you look at the image at the top of the article, it depicts the top of your screen when you first log into ParishSOFT Family Suite. The far left tab says Home. If you click on that, you will be on your home page.

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  • When I press the offering tab Isadore comes up and I can't do anything.

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