OLG - Scheduled Gifts: How to edit a recurring gift in My Own Giving 

How to edit a recurring gift in My Own Giving 

If a Giver is an Independent Giver, versus a Managed one, they will have to edit their Gift themselves. If they are a Managed Giver, a parish Admin can launch their account and edit the gift.

Either way, follow these steps to edit the gift: 

  1. Have the Giver log in to their Online Giving Account and go to "My Active Online Giving" in the menu on the left-hand side.
  2. They will be sent to their list of Active Gifts.  Have them select the "Edit" button at the very end of the row for the gift to which they would like to make changes.
  3. When the Gift details display, edit the gift amount and then hit Submit.  The gift amount has now been updated.

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