DM Reports - Donor: How to add a graphical letterhead to contribution statements

How to add a graphical letterhead to contribution statements

  1. On the Navigator Bar, expand Reports and select Donor or select the Donor page link from the Reports Card
  2. Select the Configure Report action button on the upper right corner and then select Contents.
  3. At the top of the Report Contents page, there are three tabs. The page opens on the Statements tab. Click the Letterhead/Signature tab which is where you may update the letterhead option.
  4. Under Letterhead, mark the Use Graphical Letterhead option. 
  5. Upload the graphical letterhead:
    • Hover over the graphical letterhead box then click the Change button which displays as you hover.
    • Select the graphical letterhead that you have scanned to your local drive.
    • Once you've selected the graphic, click the Save & Close button.
  6. A sample of a statement with the electronic signature is below:


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