OLG Administration - Refunding Donations: How to refund a donation given in MyOwnGiving

How to refund a donation given in MyOwnGiving

If you have a MyOwnGiving donor who is asking for a refund, we recommend cutting a check to the donor for the full amount rather than issuing a refund through Paya's Virtual Terminal. 

While it is possible to issue a refund through Paya's Virtual Terminal, doing so will cause an issue which requires time and effort to resolve:

  • Issuing a refund will cancel your auto-batching so no additional transactions will process until it is turned back on.

Then, before auto-batching can be turned back on:

  • The church must log in to their Virtual Terminal and manually close all of the batches (both credit card and virtual check)
  • Then, they must contact Paya directly ( 888.760.0962) to have auto-batching turned back on.

Since ParishSOFT Support can not help with either of those processes (issuing the refund through Paya nor turning the auto-batching back on), the church will have to contact Paya directly.



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