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How to enable partial payments on a form

Depending on the form, you may need to give your donors the option to make a partial payment instead of a full one.  Please keep in mind that currently, it is not possible to enable Recurring Gifts in conjunction with offering Partial Payments.

This article assumes:

  • you have an existing form that you will modify
  • you have a pay item field on your existing form

To bring up your existing form, log into the ParishSOFT Giving site, and select Forms from the left side menu. Then, select your form.

To enable Partial Payments on your form:

  1. Go to Form Properties.
  2. In Form Properties, go to the Payment tab. There, check the box for Enable Partial Payments. This displays two new prompts:  a full payment date prompt and a minimum amount due upon submission prompt.
    • Choose a date by which the full payment must be collected. Enter the date or select the calendar icon and choose the date there.
    • Enter a minimum amount due at submission.
  3. Click OK to exit the Form Properties.
  4. Save and Publish your form to apply changes.


What will show on the Form when people go to pay

  • Manual Payment
  • Automatic Payments






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