IO Batches - Process: How to ensure data integrity when posting a batch

How to ensure data integrity when posting a batch

The ParishSOFT Family Suite software has two processes in place to ensure contribution data entry integrity. The first process, physically counting and summing the amounts and then adding a count and posting sum to the batch header page is outlined below. The second process is having two sets of eyes: one for data entry and another for data review. The review process is enumerated upon in the article, How to move through the batch process from new to review to close.

The reason there are counts and amounts on the batch detail record is for quality assurance. Although entering counts is not required, it is encouraged. To ensure the integrity of the data entered, follow these steps:

  1. Physically count the number of credit card, check, and cash contributions you plan to enter into this batch.
  2. Sum the batch contribution amounts and pledge amounts (separately) by adding each credit card, check, and cash contribution (or the pledge card amounts) using an adding machine or similar tool.
  3. Add a batch and enter the details into the batch detail record.
  4. Enter each contribution/pledge posting.
  5. If the count and amount entered on the batch detail record do not match the number of contribution/pledge postings entered or the sum of the posted amounts:
    • it's a good idea to physically count and calculate the sum again.
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