PSFS Offering | Getting Started - Navigation: How to navigate the Offering Module

How to navigate the new Offering Module

This article is designed to show you how to move from one section of the software to another. It will show you how to use the various buttons and menus. To learn about each feature in-depth, you may access the New Offering Knowledge Base section that pertains to your question. To access the Offering Module, log into ParishSOFT Family Suite as usual; then click the Offering tab. This will open the new Offering Module in a new internet tab.



Once the Offering screen displays, you will still have access to the Family Suite and may toggle between the two tabs on the internet.FSandIStabs.png


There are two ways to get around in Offering.

  1. Click the Page Links found at the bottom of the Cards which make up the Pages Panel.
  2. Click the option from the Navigator Bar on the left side of the screen.
  3. If you ever get an error message while using this software, to get detail on the error, click the 'i' in the red circle. A new screen will display giving important additional detail that you will want to pass on to the support team when submitting a ticket.
  4. This software is designed to work on many platforms including mobile devices which is why the font may seem a bit small when working on a computer. There are two ways to increase/decrease the font size: Note: Use Ctrl-0 to pop back to the original screen size at any time.
    • Depress the Ctrl-key and turn the wheel on your mouse away from you (increase) or toward you (decrease).
    • Depress the Ctrl-key and use the + and - signs on the keypad to increase or decrease the size.
  5. Once you have left the Offering Homepage (screenshot above), there are two ways to access the options.
    • Use the Navigator Bar on the left, which is present no matter which screen you access.
    • Click Offering on the breadcrumb link to go back to the Offering Homepage and use the page links on the cards.
  6. Our new modules are designed with processing speed in mind. This is why when you access the Funds or the Pledges screens for the first time, for example, the center screen will be blank. Instead of using system resources to collect and display all of the records, the Redesigned Offering Module's efficient use of resources lets you enter your search criteria first, limiting the number of records that must be found and displayed.
  7. Once you search through the Filter Panel or add your keyword to the Search Bar and click the search action button, your screen will populate.
    • The "keyword" will be different for each page: Funds (fund ID or fund description), Batches (batch ID or batch description), Contributions (Family / Member ID or Giver Last Name). Also, if you click on the aqua colored (i) to the right of the search bar, you will learn what keywords may be used. 
    • The image below shows which different action buttons are used to add a record, download a record(s), and change the way records are displayed on the screen. Some of the action buttons listed will only be present on certain screens.
  8. Although it is possible to populate each screen with all records by leaving the Search Bar empty and clicking the search action button, we recommend against it. Again, this has to do with processing speed. Anytime the screen displays all records, it contributes to performance degradation. 
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  • Is there a printable manual???

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  • A five steps short tutorial to find the posting part would be great by now. This "Isidore" new version is not user friendly at all. I'm proficient on Linux systems and a cybersecurity student and can not navigate through this.

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  • We haven't been switched over yet. I was on the webinar yesterday and it didn't look great but I was hoping that it would be better in person. Now I'm really wary after seeing all of these comments. I could already see a few things in the webinar that were going to be problematic. Even simple posting is going to take longer because of how it's set up to tab through the fields instead of being able to enter through them.

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  • I have wasted an hour trying to maneuver the revised system. The webinars offered do not coincide with my work schedule. The 'breadcrumbs' in your screenshot do not reflect my options, ie: 'Postings' is not an option. I hope you will provide a better tutorial accessible on-demand instead of trying to work around your scheduled Webinars.

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  • @Diana, thank you for your valued feedback. I will make sure the development team knows your concerns. "Postings" is only an option on the Batches page when you begin to add contributions. I will try to clarify it better in the article.

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  • The IO Getting Started - Navigation: How to navigate the Offer Module was not helpful. It did not tell me how to create or where to find various funds, such as Maintenance, General Funds, Catholic Times, etc.
    It did not tell me how to enter a contribution. Are our members information already stored in the new system?
    It did not explain what is supposed to be entered in the External ID or Diocesan ID.
    What is the difference between Contribution family and Contribution member? I recognize I can't enter both.
    How does the information get entered and move on to the next contribution?
    This new format is not user friendly.

    It doesn't explain why you have min & max in the Amount box in Contributions. Is this where the contribution is listed and does it go in Min or Max?
    Am I supposed to check 'Created by me' at each transaction?
    What do you mean by Giving Source? What is Faith Direct?

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  • @Diana Kupish, I have added the scope of the article to the top of this article now, so our users will understand exactly what this particular article will cover. I've also added a link to the Knowledge Base in general. Please note, when you are using the software, you may select the (?) button at the top right of the page to get online help as well.

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