IO Batches - Correction: How to correct a closed batch posting that was entered for the wrong amount or that was added in error

How to correct a closed batch posting that was added in error or for the wrong amount

Also described as, How to remove donations from a closed batch.

Once a batch has been closed, any postings in the batch may not be changed in any way. If the amount entered in the posting was incorrect or a posting was added that should not have been, the way to fix it is to create a reversing correction batch or a reversing correction contribution.

How to create a reversing correction batch

In a new correction batch, given the same date and name (with "Correction" at the end):

  1. Open a new batch. Set the cash total for the total you are going to use for this batch.
    • Starting with a cash total of 0, any entries that have negative amounts must be subtracted.
    • Any entries with positive amounts must be added.
    • In some cases, the final cash total will be negative, 0, or positive depending on the sum of all entries.
  2. Add postings using the guidelines as shown below.
  • To remove the contribution that should not have been posted, add a posting to the correction batch that has the same information as the original: date, donor, fund, and amount except make the amount negative.
    • These two entries (the original and this new correction posting) that match exactly, with the only difference being the minus sign on the removing entry, will ensure the original and removing entry do not show up on the donor statement as they wash each other out.
  • To correct an amount such as the original amount entered was 100 but should have been 10:
    • follow the exact steps in the first bullet which will remove the incorrect amount entered entirely from the donor's statement.
    • Then, add the new posting for the correct amount.
    • If you only add a posting that makes up the difference, both the incorrect posting and the correction posting will show on donor statements.

How to create a reversing correction contribution (outside of a batch)

You may also add the reversing entry through the contributions page if your settings allow this option. (If your settings do not allow this option, you will not see a plus sign (+) on the upper right corner of the contributions page and you must use the batch correction instructions explained above.)

Just as when you create a reversing entry in a batch, when you add the reversing entry on the contributions page, the fields must match the original transaction exactly: date, amount (the amount will be negative), type, and any other fields that are present in the original transaction.

If you follow this protocol and reverse the original amount exactly, neither the original posting nor the correcting contribution will show on the statement. If the contribution must be added for the right amount, you may either add it on the Contributions page or through a batch, depending on your organization's protocol.

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