How to walk through the Development Manager Pledge options

  1. From the Home/DM page, select the Go to Pledges link.
  2. Select a fund on the filter panel (on the right) and then click the filter panel search icon (magnifying glass). You may find more information in, How to search for a pledge record.
  3. All pledges will display in card form. Go into a Pledge by clicking on the Pledge name or Pledge ID link.
  4. Add a new pledge by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen. This pledge will not be in a batch.
  5. See how to move a pledge from one contributor to another (in case of a data entry error).
  6. When the DDM software is first updated to Isidore DM, the pledge records may not have an end date assigned. Since this is required in the upgraded software, there is a batch processing option to add an end date to multiple pledge records. You may check out that option here.
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