Legacy Offering - Reports: How to get a report of ParishSOFT Giving contributions

How to get a report of ParishSOFT Giving contributions


The Giving Validation Report helps you reconcile and validate contributions that come into ParishSOFT Offering from ParishSOFT Giving. Using the information provided in this report, you can determine whether a discrepancy exists between contribution amounts entered in both systems and whether any contributions are missing in ParishSOFT Offering after they are transferred from ParishSOFT Giving. This topic shows you how to create this report.

This report is available only if your organization is licensed to use both ParishSOFT Giving and ParishSOFT Offering and if the Enable ParishSOFT Giving Option is marked for your organization. The Enable ParishSOFT Giving Option is controlled by the organization administrator (on the Module Settings page in the ParishSOFT Administration module).

  1. If you manage several organizations, from the Organization list select the organization whose contributions you want to review.
  2. Click Reports to display the Offering Reports page.
  3. In the left panel, select the Contributions option from the Category menu. Then, select the ParishSOFT Giving Validation option from the Report menu.
  4. To set up the report, complete the following: *see image above/right
    • Select the funds whose electronic contributions you want to review.

    • Select a date range for the report.
    • To specify no date range, deselect the Start Date and to checkboxes. To specify a start date only, enter a date in the Start Date field and deselect the "to" checkbox. To specify an end date only, enter a date in the to field only and deselect the Start Date checkbox.
    • Select the desired sort option from the Contributions dropdown list.
    • The sort options let you specify which information the report is sorted on (for example, Date) and the direction of the sort (ascending or descending).

  5. To generate the report, click View Report.

The ParishSOFT Giving Validation report opens in the Report Viewer. An example of the report is provided below. The name of the organization appears at the top. If you specified a date range, the date range appears in the top-left under the name of the report.

As shown in the above illustration, the body of the report provides the following details for each electronic gift:

  • Amount of the electronic contribution (Amount)

  • Giver's name (Name).

  • Giver's envelope number (Env #).

  • The date the contribution was made (Date).

  • Name of the fund receiving the contribution (Fund)

  • Unique ID of the fund receiving the contribution (Fund ID)

  • Giver's email address (Email).

The Summary section at the bottom of the report shows the number of contributions received during the date range specified in the report setup and the total dollar amount of those contributions.

Use the toolbar controls in the Report Viewer to view, save, or print the report.




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