How to walk through the Development Manager Batches Options

  1. Click the Home button and then Go to Settings to see how the batches settings may be configured
  2. From the Home page, select the settings card to set up or see the current batch options for particular funds.
  3. To understand the batch process from opening a batch to closing the batch, you may want to read the article, How to ensure data integrity when posting a batch.
  4. From the Home page, select the Development Manager card, then click one of the options on the Batches Card: Open, Closed, All.
  5. Walk through the batch creation process. This is where you set up your batch parameters.
  6. Walk through adding pledge postings to a batch.
  7. Walk through adding contribution postings to a batch. (These may be added to the same batch as the pledge postings. Note, if the fund requires a pledge, the pledge must be added first.)
  8. Until a batch is closed, the postings are not available in reports with the exception of a Posting List report. After creating your batch and adding some postings, run the Posting List Report. This is part of the Review process.
  9. Once you have reviewed the batch, you may close it.
  10. Once a batch is closed, the postings will be on reports in addition to the Posting List Report.
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