DMO Contributions - Import: How to import offering from ParishSOFT Giving (PSG) or a 3rd party vendor

How to import Offering from ParishSOFT Giving (PSG) or a 3rd party vendor

These two things must be in place for your import file to import properly:

  • Settings must be set to import offering by either envelope or Member ID, depending on which you will use in your import file.
  • The import file must be created and formatted correctly. If you have chosen the "Parishsoft" profile when exporting from PSG, and input your Organization ID, your spreadsheet will be formatted correctly for Import into the New Offering module.
  1. Go to the File Import page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, click the carrot for Imports and then select File.
    • Using the Imports Card, select File.
  2. Import the file using either the Drag & Drop method or the Browse & Select method.Import_File_and_drag_and_Drop_File.png
  3. Once you have selected the file a page with the file name will display and the batch name will be assigned. To confirm the import, click the checkmark at the bottom of the window.
  4. This takes you back to the Import Tab. Click the Import History tab to see the most recent import at the top. 

  5. Then click the Batch link in the right column as shown above. The Batch page will open.

  6. You must now review and close the batch for the contributions to show up on reports and on the Contributions page. See How to flag a batch for review, How to review a batch, and How to close a batch.




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  • Would be nice if this option allowed you to filter you export on a specific batch number.

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  • @Paul, this does sound like a good idea but we would need more information. I think you mean you'd like the ParishSOFT Giving filter to allow you to export on a specific batch number?

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