PSFS Offering | Getting Started - Navigation: When I click the Offering tab in PSFS nothing happens

When I click the Offering tab in PSFS nothing happens

Three issues may affect the Offering tab: 1) your computer's clock,  2) pop-ups, 3) you are using Internet Explorer (and must use a different browser because IE technology is outmoded)

  1. If your computer time is not accurate this will prevent Offering from opening or you may just see a blank white screen. Please follow the steps for your computer on updating the clock to the correct time.
  2. ParishSOFT Family Suite uses pop-ups to open our New Offering Module.  If your pop-ups are blocked, the Offering page will not open.                                      pop-up_blocked_Chrome.png
    • If you click the Offering tab and nothing happens, you must enable pop-ups for your site.
      • Each browser has different indications that your pop-up is blocked.
      • Often there will be an indicator in the upper right of your screen that allows you to click and allow pop-ups to open the module.

You may also benefit from reading the article, How to navigate the Redesigned Offering module.

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