PSFS Offering | Getting Started - Why are my batches all closed after the update?

Why are my batches all closed?

As you know, in the Offering & Pledges module, data in uncommitted quick entry batches does not show in reporting, including contributions statements, until a batch is committed. In Redesigned Offering all open batches now work the same way. Therefore, it is necessary to close all of your batches for them to show in reporting.  

We’ve always recommended that you commit your batches as soon as the entry is complete. Once those batches have been committed and reviewed for accuracy, we recommend closing them so that they cannot be inadvertently changed later. This ensures data integrity and prevents tampering and fraud. This process has now been condensed into the batch review phase, allowing you to quickly review your batch for accuracy and close it so the data will show in reporting.  

As a result of this streamlined process all batches that were previously open in Offering needed to be closed. Thus, for the data migration to the Redesigned Offering system, we have closed all committed and uncommitted batches that are balanced, saving parishes from having to go through and manually commit and close each one. 

The upgrade process from ParishSOFT Offering & Pledges to Parishsoft Redesigned Offering handles batches as follows: 

  • Closes all balanced batches (Open Batches, Quick-Entry uncommitted, and Quick-Entry committed)
  • Open Batches are brought into balance and closed.
  • Any Quick-Entry batch that is not in balance will remain open.
How to resolve issues with postings in open or closed batches

You may also be interested in the following article which gives navigation tips as well as a link on how to move through the whole batch process from new to review to close.

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