PSFC Events - New Event: How to edit an event

How to edit an event

If you have added an event but now need to go back in and add or change one of the entries, for example, the room where the event is to be held, you may simply pull the event up through the calendar view and edit it from there.

  1. From the calendar view, click the event. To narrow down the view, use one of the filters at the bottom of the calendar.
    • In this example, we set up a youth event to be in the sanctuary hall but now will move it to the gym.
    • I filter my calendar for Hall, and my event is easy to spot. In this example, I plan to change the room from Hall to Gym.
  2. Now, I click on the event name in the calendar, and the event details display.
  3. I can now edit my event by clicking the edit (gear) icon in the upper left.
  4. The event opens and I scroll down and change or add the option.
  5. Save the new changes at the top of the page by clicking the save button.
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