IO Contributions - List: How to print a list of the contributions you posted

How to print a list of the contributions you posted

If you want to print a summary of contributions you've entered, there are several options.


  • After adding contributions through the Contributions Page or by closing a batch, you may print a contribution posting list by clicking the Export button at the top-right of the Contributions page.
  • To print a list of those entered today or posted today through closing a batch, select the option for Contributions Entered Today.
  • To print a different date-span, select the date-span in the filter panel, click the filter panel search button, then click the same export button at the top-right. Then pick Contribution Export.

Note: When you post contributions in a batch, you can follow the instructions in this article to go to the Batch List and click the Export button, This report will include subtotals by fund and contribution type.


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