IO Batches - Process: Why can't I close my batch?

Why can't I close my batch?

  • Is it balanced? If your batch will not close and you do not see an error message, the first thing to check is to see if your batch is in balance. That same article has links to show how to bring the batch into balance by either updating the batch details or reconciling the postings.
  • Is there one of the following error messages? Click the appropriate link or follow the instructions.
    • How to save a batch when getting the error, "Please correct errors before saving."
    • Status code: 500 - Internal Server Error; Error Id: xxx-error-code-xxx - An error occurred in the API. Please use the id and contact our support team if the problem persists. Email support

      • Your error code will be different from the one listed and it is very important information for you to pass on to support.
      • Email support with the information you get when clicking on the (i) in the error code bar.
      • Support will use the error code information to resolve your issue.
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