PSFS Offering Integration with Accounting - Mapping Funds: How to map funds for integration with ParishSOFT Accounting

How to map funds for integration with ParishSOFT Accounting

In order for redesigned ParishSOFT Offering (IO) to integrate with ParishSOFT Accounting (PSA), each IO fund needs to be mapped to a PSA account: usually a revenue account (or less often to a liability account or to a dedicated account). Note: due to background processes, if you are hoping to do this directly after the integration setup, we suggest waiting approximately 10 minutes between the integration "setup" and starting this mapping process, and logging out and back in before you begin. 

  • Each fund in IO can only be mapped to one revenue account in PSA.  However, a revenue account can have many funds mapped to it.
  • The revenue account should never be a bank account.
  • When you start Integration, you will have to map every fund you are using to a revenue account.
  1. To map Funds, go to the Offering Module. On the Funds card, click Go To Funds.
  2. Click the magnifying glass to view all funds.
  3. For each fund, click the name of the fund
  4. Map this IO fund to the correct PSA revenue account, and make sure to save the record. Make sure to never use a bank account as a revenue account.
    • If you do not see the PSA account descriptions listed in the Revenue Account field check the user's permissions. How to set up a staff record for PSA Integration privileges
    • If you do not see the PSA account descriptions listed in the Revenue Account field and you have followed all of the prior integration instructions, please sign out and back in and look for it again. There may have to be about 10 minutes between finishing the setup and this being available.
    • If you have funds that you are no longer using, you do not need to map them to revenue accounts.  However, you should give an end date to funds you do not want to use
    • If you need to cross-reference the funds with a fund list in another financial program, you can put the IDs from the other program in the External ID field.
  5. After you have mapped all funds, Integration is complete.


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  • The Account Name is useless without the Shortcut Number and/or Account Code. Many accounts are named identically in Diocesan COA, with the Shortcut Number and Account Code as the unique identifiers of the account. This must be changed immediately to include the Shortcut Number and Account Code to the right of the account name on the drop down window.

    Mary Breault
    Standards Program Manager
    Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis

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  • @Mary, I know this has been submitted to the development team. I will highlight your comment to the team. Thank you.

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