PSFS Integration - Accounting: How to integrate ParishSOFT Family Suite (New Offering) with ParishSOFT Accounting

How to integrate ParishSOFT Family Suite (IO New Offering) with ParishSOFT Accounting (PSA)

  • Your login must have Administrator Rights to set up integration between PSFS and PSA
  • To set up the integration, you must have the PSA Database ID.

Mark the option to require a deposit get created when an offering batch is closed

Offering  (If you have not yet transitioned to our new offering option, please see Legacy Offering)

  1. In Offering, go to Settings
  2. Mark the checkbox to require the system to create a deposit... and save the record.

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Legacy Offering

Set up PSFS for integration with PSA

  1. Log in with an account that has administrator permissions.
  2. Go to the Administration tab
  3. Go to Module Settings.
    • Under Module, expand Offering and then click Accounting.
    • Mark the checkbox under Accounting Settings, and click the Save Settings button.


Add the Accounting Database ID to the PSFS Organization

  1. From the Administration tab, select Organizations.
  2. Select your organization from the list on the left side and click the Edit Organization Record button.
  3. Enter the Database ID and click Save.

    At this point, the ParishSOFT Membership and ParishSOFT Accounting applications are integrated at the organization level.
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