Release Notes - Subscriptions: How to subscribe or to unsubscribe from Release Note emails and Knowledge Base Article subscriptions

How to subscribe or to unsubscribe from Release Note emails and Knowledge Base Article subscriptions

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Managing your email notification subscriptions

If you are receiving email notifications that tell you about a new ParishSOFT release, and you no longer wish to receive them, you may either:

  • Click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the notification email. - or -
  • Email (from that email address if possible) with a short email saying you want to be unsubscribed.

Accounting Release Notifications: If you are receiving accounting release notifications to an incorrect email address, chances are you have the incorrect email address in your user profile (where you set up your login credentials) for the accounting software package. To ensure you get notifications to the correct email address, go into your user profile account and update the email address, you will then receive an email to the new address. You must still unsubscribe from the old one though.

Family Suite Notifications: Notifications are displayed through the software application. You will see pop-up notifications you can read when you access the software. Only those accounts we have on file as "dio admin" accounts will receive an email notification. If you have a "dio admin" account and want to be removed from the notifications, follow the steps outlined in this article to unsubscribe. If you want to be added to the email notification, email and give them a short email about your role and that you would like to be added to the notification list.


Unsubscribe link for both ParishSOFT Accounting and ParishSOFT Family Suite: Here is an example of the unsubscribe option in the Accounting Release Notes notification. However, the unsubscribe information is the same on all software package notifications.



Managing your Knowledge Base Article subscriptions

To follow an article, you may click the follow button. This will change the button name to Unfollow.

To unfollow the article, click the button that says Unfollow.

When you follow an article, you will get an email notification to the email address for which you signed up to our ticketing system, whenever there is a comment made on the article to which you subscribed. We plan to add a comment each time new release notes have been published for each application, so if you would like to be alerted to the new release notes, you may follow the release notes for the particular software package of interest.

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