PSFS MOC - Members: How to remove my name from a volunteer ministry position

How to remove my name from a volunteer ministry position

Please be aware, if you are signed up as a volunteer for a ministry that has recurring events into the future and you now want to remove your name from the list of volunteers, you must inform the church office that you have done so. If the schedule has already been generated into the future, your name will be on the schedule until the administrator clears and re-populates the schedule.

  1. Log into your MOC account.
  2. Select My Ministry from the top tabs.
  3. Select the Ministry Opportunities from the second row of tabs.
  4. Click the Volunteer button.
  5. ​The page will display all the Ministries you have volunteered for as well as the Ministries you may volunteer for. The ones you have volunteered for will have a checkmark in the Volunteer checkbox.
  6. To remove yourself from being signed up as a volunteer for that position, click the checkbox. This will remove the checkmark.
  7. ​You will then note that under the Volunteered column for that ministry, the word 'No' will appear.

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