PSFS Religious Ed - Quick Start: How to navigate the Religious Education Module

How to navigate the Religious Education Module

Default Page | Tool Bar | Navigation Bar



Default Page: When first accessing the Religious Education Module, the Students & Volunteers page will display. If nothing has been populated on this page yet, it will look like this:

When you log in for the first time and once a term has been added and classes have been populated, the students in the term that has been flagged as the 'default term' through settings will be displayed, initially for all sessions, classes, and grades. Click the link to see an expanded explanation of settings and for a link to learn how to update each lookup including the term.



Tool Bar
: The options on the Tool Bar may be accessed from any page within the Religious Education Module.

Active Organization | Alert button | Help button | Settings button


Active Organization Selector: When your login gives you access to more than one organization, you may use the Organization Selector to switch to another organization as necessary.



Alert button

The Alert button will be available in an upcoming release for the administrator to manage online registrations and changes that parishioners make to their family/member records.


Help button

In addition to our Religious Education Knowledge Base Articles, we have an online help option that you may access through the application. Simply click the Tool Bar (?) button at the right, then click the link.



Settings button

Access the Settings page from the Tool Bar Settings (gear) button.


Navigation Bar

Always present on the left side of the page, the Navigation Bar will take you to any page in the Religious Education Module.

  • Use the ^caret to contract the panel options. 
  • Use the vcaret to expand the panel options.

If you have just upgraded from our legacy Religious Ed module, you may benefit from the following two Quick Start articles:

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