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How to delete a session

To jump directly to the step-by-step written instructions, click here. Note: proceed with caution. If you delete a session with a class in it, the session and the class will be deleted




How to delete a session

  1. Prep: If one or more classes are assigned to a session (as in the above image), if you delete the session, it will delete the class also. To keep the class with all of the assigned students intact, we suggest you change the class to a new session before proceeding.
  2. Select Classes & Sessions from the Navigation page.
  3. Click the Sessions tab.
  4. Select the Session name you have targeted for deletion.
  5. If there are classes listed, be forewarned: deleting the session will also delete the classes. If the class is assigned to the wrong session, we recommend the following:
    1. Change the session with which the class is associated.
    2. Go back to #2.
  6. Once you have determined you don't need the session (nor the classes that are listed under it if any), click the Delete Session button and Save.




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