PSFSr Family Directory - Family List: How to filter the family list using the funnel search button and advanced filter features

How to filter the family list using the funnel search button and advanced filter features

To jump to step-by-step written instructions, click here. Note: the funnel search works similarly on the Member List page, only with different filter options.




How to filter the family list using the funnel search button and advanced filter features

  1. Select Family Directory from the Navigator Bar. This will open the Family List page.
  2. The funnel search option may be used in conjunction with the fuzzy search and the Rolodex search features.
  3. Click the funnel button to open the Filter page. Use one or all of the five options on the filter page or go directly to Advanced Options. Filters may be used in combination or independently.
    • Membership: The default is both Registered and Not Registered (Both). Select the option that best fits your knowledge of the family (or families) recorded status.
    • Family Group: The default is All Groups. If you want a specific list of families that belong to a particular group, select that group here. This can be used in combination with the Membership filter. For example, all unregistered families that are contributors or all registered families that are active. 
    • Send Envelopes: If you want a list of all families in your list for whom you have 'Send Envelopes' marked, choose 'Yes' for this filter. 
    • Family Work Groups: If you want a list of all families in a particular work group(s), mark the checkbox for that (those) work group(s). 
  4. Advanced Options: Click this title to expand the options page. Some things to note for the advanced options fields:
    • Those filter fields with a Vcaret will require you to select a search term from the list, then enter the value on which you would like the list filtered. 
      • Filter by ID: Here you may choose from Diocesan ID, Family ID, or Envelop Number. Depending on what you choose here, the title of the next field down changes to match it.
        • Enter the corresponding ID.
        • Usually, if you know one of these IDs, there is no need to filter on any other field in conjunction.
    • If you type in a term for any of the free-text fields (such as First Name or E-Mail Address), the filter will find all records that contain the text you entered (fuzzy search). If you want only those records that have an exact match (all records equal the text you entered), you must mark the Exact Search checkbox. This is the advantage of using the free-text search feature here over the fuzzy search feature.
      • Fuzzy search results for Last Name 'Smith' will include families with last names: Smith, Smithfield, Blacksmith, etc.
      • Exact search results for Last Name 'Smith' will only include families with last name: Smith.
    • Use the slider bar to scroll down the window to see all filter options. There is one for Send Mail. This may be used to get a list of all families that want to receive mail (or at least have not requested to be removed from the list. The resulting list may be used to create labels or used for a Mail Merge process.



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