DM Reports - Donor: How to audit your family names and addresses using Donor reports

How to audit your family names and addresses using Donor reports

An EOY Contribution Statement (US) or Tax Receipt (Canada) provides givers with a summary of all contributions they gave during the specified year and gives you an opportunity to thank them for their gifts. Although, your contribution statements or tax receipt will only be accurate if your contribution and family data are correct.

Before mailing any statements, you should find and fix fields in your family data that are empty or visibly incorrect. This article provides the steps to audit family names and addresses using Donor reports.  

  1. Click the Development tab.
  2. Navigate to the Donor Reports page.

    • On the Navigation Bar, expand Development Manager → Reports and select Donor.
    • On the Home → Development Manager page, select Donor from the Reports card.
  3. Once you are on the Donor Reports page, select Contribution Detail Statement Report (US) or Tax Receipt (Canada) from the report dropdown.
    Many of the fields on this page are self-explanatory, such as the minimum and maximum amount fields and the date range fields. If you have questions about those fields, please see our in-app help files. Articles on how to populate the more complicated fields can be accessed through the article: How to generate contribution statements or How to generate tax receipts
  4. Ensure all filters are selected, see How to configure filters for donor reports

  5. Select needed field options for contribution statements, such as Families or Members, Family Groups, Funds, etc. It's unnecessary to select fields related to the design of statements, such as signature, letterhead, body of statement, etc.  

  6. Generate the output report file by selecting the Export icon, then select Excel
  7. Once the file downloads, open the file. In the excel file, you can sort by the address columns, including city, state, and zip code, to review the data and see any blanks or visibly incorrect data you need to update before running statements. After you identify the records requiring updates, go to the Family Directory and update the records.  



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