SEP Individuals - Filter: How to filter records on the Individuals page

How to filter records on the Individuals page


To view a list of action buttons and what they are used for, please see our Navigation article, How to use the action buttons on each page.

  1. Click the Filter Panel button at the top right to open the Filter Panel.
    • Filtering records may be useful when you want a list of all individuals who meet specific criteria.
  2. Scroll down to make selections. Each selection will narrow down the results to records that meet the criteria.
    • Several selections within a category will return results if any of the selections match. It would read as if there is an 'or' between each selection.
    • Selections from different categories will return results that meet all criteria. It would read as if there is an 'and' between the category selections.

      For example, if you have two organizations selected (A, B) and two assignment statuses also selected (AA, BB) the records will be filtered for all individuals in either organization with either assignment status.

      Return all individuals who (belong to organization A or to organization B) and that have (assignment status AA or assignment status BB).


Filter Category Preview

  • Organization: The name of the Organization to which the individual is connected
  • Assignment Status: Active, Deceased, In Process, InActiive, Not Started, Resigned, Retired, Suspended, Terminated
  • Overview Status: Green, Yellow, Red, Gray, None
  • Position: Positions are added on the Settings page using the positions card (or tile). Examples are Choir Directory, Bus Driver, Deacon, etc.
  • Position Category: System defined? Volunteers, Youth, Employee, Educators
  • Requirement: Background Screening, Basic Training, Driving Test, Drug Test, Volunteer Application
  • Requirement Status: Not Started, In Process, Pending Applicant, Review Needed, Completed, Hold
  • Requirement State: Expired, Not Expired, Expiring, Overdue
  • Requirement Category: Background Checks, Training Other
  • Requirement Due: This allows you to enter a date range for when a requirement is due
  • Requirement Expiration: This allows you to enter a date range for when a requirement will expire
  • Requirement completed: This allows you to enter a date range for when a requirement was completed
  • Incardinated Elsewhere: Yes/No/All
  • Externally Created: Select records based on when they were created externally


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