PSFC Events - Scheduling: Examples of how to schedule a recurring event

Examples of how to schedule a recurring event

This article gives a few examples of how to schedule a recurring event. Once you learn these techniques, use them to get the results you want.

To schedule a recurring event, begin by adding an event as usual.

Some scheduling options are as follows:

Individual Daily Recurring Events
To schedule an event that recurs showing each event individually on the calendar:

    • Start by adding the first date in the from and to date range fields
    • Then mark Repeat..
    • Select the recurring increment: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
    • Select the value for when the recurrence ends
      Notice how each event on the calendar shows individually on the calendar.


Daily Sequential Block Recurring Periodically
To schedule an event for a block of sequential days that repeats periodically (and shows as a block on the calendar):

    • Enter the first date in the first date field and the last date date in the block in the last date field, then mark the Repeat... option.
      Notice how the event displays as a block to show the continuous sequence of days.
    • Mark the Repeat option and fill in the information in the "Repeat" window.
    • The result will depend on the options chosen. This particular event will be scheduled for the first Monday - Friday of each month for 5 months and will appear on the calendar in a schedule block each month as shown in the image above. 


Bi-Monthly Schedule
To schedule an event to happen every other month, choose Day Of Month and Repeat every 2 Months as follows:


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