PSFC Events - Scheduling: How to schedule an event (non-recurring or recurring)

How to schedule an event (non-recurring or recurring)


Once all of your building blocks are in place (Equipment, Room Setups, People, Permissions, Properties), you are now ready to add an event to your calendar.

  1. The first step in scheduling an event is a proactive step. You know the room(s) your new event will require, and you know the date(s). Before beginning to add the event, check the current schedule to ensure no other events are scheduled for the room(s) on the date(s).
    • Set your view to the room or rooms your new event will be using.
    • Scan the calendar view for the dates of your new event to see if any events already scheduled appear in the view on the date(s). Using the view option makes this simple because only those events scheduled in the room(s) in question will display.
    • If any events display on the same dates and time slots as your new event, you must decide which event takes precedence. See, How to overcome room conflicts when scheduling events.
  2. From either the calendar view or the settings view, click the + New Event button.
  3. Begin to fill in the information for your event. In the beginning, you may go back in and edit the event several times after you save it until you know it is set up and displayed on the calendar exactly as you would like.
    • Click this link to learn how to use time intervals that are not on the hour or on the half-hour. 
    • To make the event a recurring event:
    • You may set the event to private until you are ready to make it public. Do this under Settings → Properties. Later, edit the event and change it to the correct Property for this event. In this example, it will be youth.

  4. Using the building blocks you added under Settings, add a contact person and/or people who will help with the event. Also, select the rooms you would like to reserve for your event.
    • Note: If you only want one room within a larger room, simply choose the single room (or even a couple of rooms). For example, you may select Sanctuary and Chapel below. To choose more than one room, just click the checkbox next to the room.
    • If your room does not display as a room you can choose (it's grey and doesn't let you select it), you may want to create a view for that room and see for which event the room is being used and then negotiate which event takes precendence.
    • When you select a room, if any equipment or room setups have been assigned to the room, you may select them. You may select equipment, or a setup, or a combination of both equipment and a setup.
      • Click the setup link [mceclip0.png] to choose from the setups associated with the room you selected.
      • Click the equipment link [mceclip2.png] to choose from the equipment associated with the room you selected.
    • Properties: To select more than one property, depress the CTRL key and select each one.
    • If your organization requires you to get approval for use of the kitchen, technical equipment, vehicles, or for offering child-care, these events will be considered pending until the request(s) has been approved.
  5. Once you have made all of your selections, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. If you want to add another event presently, click the Save & Continue button.

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