PSFC Views - Reports: How to print recurring events

How to print a report of all instances of a recurring event for a year's time using the Agenda Report

  1. Add a property to your Calendar Type called 'Recurring.' This property is meant to be used only when you want to print or view a date span's worth of one recurring event and then the property is removed so it may be used for the same purpose on a different recurring event later.
  2. Open the recurring event for which you'd like to print a year's worth of events using the Agenda report or for which you'd like to view a year's worth of events using any of the available formats.
    • To open the recurring event, simply double-click on the title of the event. You will be prompted to edit only this occurrence, all occurrences, or only those occurrences going forward. Select all. 
    • Among the other properties already selected for this recurring event, mark the property for Recurring Event and save the changes.
    • Multiple properties may be selected by using the Ctrl-key combined with the mouse click.
  3. Go to the Property filter at the bottom of the page and mark Recurring Event.
    • The view will now have only all occurrences of the one event you just marked as recurring.
  4. To view the event in any of the available formats, select Month, Week, Day, or Agenda at the top-right of the page. See starred item in the image above.
    • Scroll to the next set of dates by clicking the forward arrow on the top left of the page (to the left of the Today button). See starred item in the image above.
  5. To print an Agenda style report for a date range, click the printer button at the top-right and select the Agenda option from the report dropdown. Enter the date range and click Go. A PDF will generate.
    • The Agenda style report is the only one that lets you choose a date range. All of the other report styles will print only the month you have displayed on your screen.
    • The export option will only export two months' worth of data.
  6. Once you have viewed the recurring schedule or printed the recurring report, double-click on the event title, and under Properties, unmark the option for Recurring Events (again using the Ctrl-key so it only removes the one property)  and save your changes. This will make this property available to mark the next time you want to view or generate a full year's Agenda style report for only one recurring event.
    • Re-using the Recurring Events property like this allows you to print an immediate report of all the recurring instances of one event for planning purposes without having to create a separate Property for each.
    • The challenge is to remember to unmark the Recurring Events property once you have completed generating your report or your view so it is ready for the next recurring report or view.

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