PSFC Setup - Properties: How to add a property to a property category

How to add a property category


Properties are used to tag your events for particular attributes. Then, you may filter your calendar views for those attributes. You may also color-code your properties. This article shows you how to add specific property attributes under the broader property categories. To learn how to add the broader property categories, click here. Each event may be marked for several properties.

Examples of property categories and their properties are:

  • Buildings: Church, School, CL House, Lodge
  • Calendar Type: Private, Employee, Public General, Public Youth
  • School: Sports, Classes, Conferences
  • Ministry: Women's, Men's, Youth, Missionary Support, Family, Spiritual Formation
  1. On the upper right side of the ribbon, click the gear icon (Settings).
  2. Click the Properties button on the left.
  3. If you haven't already done so, you will want to add the broader property categories
  4. To add specific property attributes, click into the text field below each property category and enter the property, then click Add.

  5. After adding a new property, if you wish you may add a color key to identify that property. 
    To add a color key to a property:
    • Click the color selector square to the left of the property name.
    • A color palette will display. Click the color you would like to use for that property.

    • The square will now be filled with the selected color.
    • On the calendar, the events will now show a color dot to the left of the event title. Those events that have more than one property with a color key will adopt the color for the property listed first.
    • You may want to ensure the colors are distinguishable. The yellow-gold and orange are pretty close on this calendar. 
    • NOTE: You can use this color coding scheme with any property category. We suggest you pick just one property category for color coding for simplicity's sake. Some property categories examples are Buildings, Rooms, or Ministries. 
      • If you want to color-code various events regardless of their property, one way to handle this is to create another property called "Color Code Tags" and under this category, add a property for each of the available colors.
      • Then, when you create or edit an event, you may select your preferred Color Code Tag.
      • If you don't need to highlight the event with a specific color, you may simply not select a Color Code Tag.

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