PSFC Setup - Properties: How to add a property category

How to add a property category


Properties are used to tag your events for particular attributes. Then, you may filter your calendar views for those attributes. You may also color code your properties. This article shows you how to add the broader property categories. To learn how to add a property to a property category, click here

Examples of property categories and their properties are:

  • Buildings: Church, School, CL House, Lodge
  • Calendar Type: Private, Employee, Public General, Public Youth
  • School: Sports, Classes, Conferences
  • Ministry: Women's, Men's, Youth, Missionary Support, Family, Spiritual Formation
  1. On the upper right side of the ribbon, click the gear icon (Settings).
  2. Click the Properties button on the left.
  3. On the right side of the page, you will see a place to add a Property Category. 
  4. Enter the property name and click Add.

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