DM Funds - Parish Reports: How to add a report for a specific fund to the Parish Reports options

How to add a report for a specific fund to the Parish Reports options

Which Parish Reports are available for each fund are defined on the Funds page. 

  1. To add a report to the ParishSOFT report options, go to the Funds page: 
    • Select Funds from the Navigator Bar
    • Select the Go to Funds page link listed on the Funds Card.
  2. Find and select the fund. See How to search for a fund.
  3. Click the Parish Reports tab.
  4. The reports grid will display on the Fund Permissions page showing:
    • Who currently has permission to run which report for this fund
    • The custom name for the report.
  5. To edit the permissions or the custom name, click the pencil button to the left of the report.

  6. Mark the box under each category of user (DM Admin, DM User, Parish) for whom you would like to make this report available.
  7. If you want to give the report a custom name, click into the custom name field and update the text.
  8. Once you have completed making changes, click the save button displayed to the right of the report custom name.

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