PSFS Offering | Pledges - End Date: How to assign an end date to a batch of pledges through the Add Pledge End Date button

How to assign an end date to a batch of pledges through the Add Pledge End Date button

If you have a large group of pledges made to the same fund and that do not have an end date assigned, you may now update the end date for the whole group using the Add Pledge End Date button found in the fund record. Please click the following link to learn why ParishSOFT recommends using end dates on all of your pledges.

Note: Treat multiple pledges to the same fund for different years separately.

  1. First, get a list of the pledges to which you want to add an end date and note the start dates. This list may be generated through the Pledges screen.
    • Go to Offering → Pledges.
    • Use the Filter Panel to display all pledges for a particular fund. For a more concise view, the  mceclip0.png grid view is recommended. (see image below)
    • If it's a long list, you could export the list to Excel; or you can use the information on the screen to determine the start dates of the pledge records to which you would like to add an end date.
      • Note: in a later step you will select all pledges that were started within a particular date range. In this example, our date range is 03/01/2020 - 04/28/2020. We can see from the image there are five of them.
      • Also, note that only those pledges without an end date will be updated.
  2. With the pledge start date noted, go to the Funds page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Funds.
    • Using the Funds Card, select Go to Funds.

  3. Search for and select the fund to which the pledges were added that do not have an end date.
  4. On the Fund Details screen, in the Fund Dates section, click the Add Pledge End Date button. 
  5. The End Dates Pledges Search screen displays where you may enter your date range. This date range is a span of time that encompasses the pledge dates for all pledges to which you would like to add an end date.
    • Enter the date range.
    • Click Search.
  6. Once you click the Search button, the Enter End Date screen will fill in.
    • You are prompted to enter the date you would like all of the pledges to be set to end
    • A line displays telling you how many pledges were found that meet your criteria. Compare this number to the number you anticipated.
    • If you are satisfied that the correct number of pledges were found, click the Set End Date button. Please note that every pledge to this fund with no end date that falls into the start date range entered will be updated with the new end date.
  7. Close the window and go back to the Pledges screen. You will see the pledges have been updated with the end date.






Why ParishSOFT recommends using end dates on your pledge records

ParishSOFT recommends using pledge end dates and considers it a best practice step. When you end date your pledges, it gives you the chance to review your pledges at the end of that period of time, to decide if the pledge should be left open or written off.

This data can help in planning future campaigns knowing what percentage of pledges will likely not be paid in full and maybe even why. If our users were to contact givers about their unfulfilled pledges, they may get some additional payments or they may learn why givers can't fulfill the pledge and get an opportunity to be good ministers (maybe they lost their job and don't have an income right now). This is not a collection call, but an opportunity to reach out in service.




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