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How to search for a fund

To navigate to the Funds page:

  1. In the Navigator Bar, select Funds.
  2. In the Funds Card, select Go to Funds.


    To search, on the Funds page
    1. To list all of the funds, simply type the magnifying glass in the search bar without using any search criteria.
    2. To find a specific fund or a group of funds within the same category such as Offertory, enter a keyword in the search bar, then click the search bar action icon.
    3. To find a set of funds with the same criteria such as tax-deductible, or start/end dates, etc., use the Filter Panel and click the search action icon
    4. If you'd like to narrow down the results further, you may combine search and filter options.
      • Until you click the search icon for the first time on this page, the screen will remain empty.
      • Each time you change the Filter Panel selection(s) and/or the search keyword, click the corresponding search action icon to update the results.
    5. Once you see the fund on the list:
      • If you want to update the fund information such as fund end date, tax-deductible, or fund permissions, click the fund name link which takes you to the fund details page.
      • If you want to find all of the batches that have been created for this fund, click the Fund Batches button or link.
    6. Follow this link if the fund is not on the list and you want to add the fund.

Note: Once you find the fund, you may click on the Fund Description and learn the Fund ID.


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