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How to edit contributions in an open batch 

  • Only postings in an open batch may be edited.
  • A batch that has been flagged for review is still considered open and can be edited:
  • How you go about editing contributions depends on which fields need to be changed. In any case, you must go to the Postings page
  • If you want to edit several postings at once for the same new value, see How to multi-edit postings in an open batch. This may be used to change any field except the Donor. for that, you must use the individual posting edit for the donor as shown in #1 below.
  • If you are looking for a contribution that you found was incorrect through the review process, and there is a large number of postings, try using the Ctrl-F function to find the correct posting to edit.


Click the link to change the following fields:

  1. To change the donor, amount, check number, or memo: How to change the donor or the donation amount of a contribution posting in a batch that is open. 
  2. To change the fund, contribution type, contribution date, or tax-deductible status: How to change the posting date or the fund of a contribution posting in a batch that is open.


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