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How to add a fund

If you are new to our Offering Module, you may benefit from reading the article, How to navigate the Offering Module.

  1. Go to the Funds page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Funds.
    • Using the Funds Card, select Go to Funds.
  2. To avoid duplicates, search for the fund before adding.

  3. To add a new fund, click the add action button in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Note: Only users that have Access Rights as Organization Admin can add a fund. If the + sign is missing contact an organization admin for assistance.Add_Fund_From_Grid_View.png
  4. Fill in each option according to your requirements and then click the save action button.
    • Once the fund has been created and has been used, it cannot be deleted. To make it unavailable in that case, you must unmark the Fund Active checkbox and save the record.
    • Account Number: Use this field to associate the fund record with a specific account in your organization's financial system (chart of accounts); this is to enable your organization to identify and keep track of the financial activity of the fund in the associated account and to ensure accurate reporting and integrity of the records should your organization be audited.
    • External ID: This can be used to relate this fund to any third-party software such as online giving.
    • Fund is Active: Designate if this Fund is currently active.
    • This fund requires pledges:
      • Pledges may be added regardless of whether the checkbox for 'This fund requires pledges' is marked.
      • If it is marked, a contribution may not be added before a pledge has been added for a member or a family.
      • If a member has a sustaining gift but no pledge, yet this box is checked, the sustaining gift cannot be recorded. If requires pledges is marked and the member has a sustaining gift, they still must have a pledge.
      • If you use ParishSOFT Giving, pledges do not sync. We recommend that you do not mark the box for "This fund requires pledges." 
    • Fund Accepts Sustaining Gifts
      • Sustaining gifts are ongoing donations to a fund. They differ from pledges because they are considered "forever gifts" that never expire. Sustaining givers commit to donating a specific amount to a fund on a recurring basis, for example, monthly, quarterly, or biannually-- with no end date. 

        The option for Sustaining Gift will only be available for those funds that are marked to allow sustaining gifts.

        Once you mark the box for Fund Accepts Sustaining Gifts, you are required to enter a report date. Type an expiration date for reporting on sustaining gifts into the Report on Sustaining Gifts up to field. Alternatively, click and select a date from the displayed calendar.


        The system incorporates sustaining gifts into a fund’s future projections. Your organization’s pledge reports will use the date you specify in the Report on Sustaining Gifts up to field to estimate future revenue from recurring payments to the fund. Therefore, choose a date in the future that you expect the fund to stop accepting recurring gifts. Your pledge reports will stop projecting income from sustaining gifts after the date you specify. 



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