DM Batches - Process: How to ensure data integrity when posting a batch

How to ensure data integrity when posting a batch

The ParishSOFT Family Suite software has two processes in place to ensure contribution data entry integrity. The first process, physically counting and summing the amounts and then adding a count and posting sum to the batch header page is outlined below. The second process is having two sets of eyes: one for data entry and another for data review. The review process is enumerated upon in the article, How to create a new batch (create/review/close)

The reason there are counts and amounts on the batch detail record is for quality assurance. To ensure the integrity of the data entered, follow these steps:

  1. Physically count the number of credit card, check, and cash contributions you plan to enter into this batch.
  2. Sum the batch contribution/pledge amounts by adding each credit card, check, and cash contribution using an adding machine or similar tool.
  3. Create a batch and enter the numbers into the batch detail record.
  4. Enter each contribution/pledge posting.
  5. If the count and amount entered on the batch detail record do not match the number of contribution/pledge postings entered or the sum of the posted amounts:
    • it's a good idea to physically count and calculate the sum again.


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