IMP MISC Parish Split: Census Split Steps

Census Split Steps

For some of the steps below, you will work with a member of the ParishSOFT team and other steps you’ll complete on your own. These steps are very important for a smooth parish split. Our Implementation Team will be in touch and available for questions you may have along the way.

Step 1

Review the Parish Split Frequently Asked Questions

Step 2

Update the splitting parish database. Verify that all sacraments as of the split effective date have been recorded. Post any outstanding contribution data.

Step 3

Set up Family Workgroup of Families to be Spit off

A Family Workgroup must be set up for ParishSoft to pull out of the existing database to create the new database. Workgroup must be named the New Identities’ name

Step 4

On your scheduled day, ParishSOFT will pull a backup of the database and begin the Split to Staging Process per your Split Checklist. This step will take approximately 3-5 business days. You may continue working on your data.

Step 5

When the Split to Staging Process is complete, you will receive an email with your login information for your review site. Your data will be placed in a read-only format for review. During this review process you will compare the data from the parish databases to the newly split parish database. ParishSOFT recommends that you review at least the following:

Family Directory

  • Select a few family records from the split families and verify that those records are correctly reflected in the split parish database.
    • If you requested that new family workgroups be created, you will want to review these to make sure that the families in the workgroups accurately reflect the families.
      • Your total family count for these workgroups should equal the total family count in the post-split parish database. (Note: If you added any new families after ParishSOFT started the Split to Staging Process these records will not be in the Review Site.)
  • Review the envelope numbers as outlined in your Split Checklist.


  • If your split work included contributions as of the effective date of the split, compare the Contributions: Posting Report for all funds to verify that all contributions/funds as of the effective date of the split are correct. (Note: Remember if you posted any contributions after the Split to Staging Process started, these will not be reflected in the stage site data. Be sure to adjust your date range for the report accordingly.
    • Note: Contribution history prior to the effective date or any pledge data is not split. Pledges may be re-added once you are live in your split data.

Ministry Scheduler

  • Cannot be split.

Religious Education & Tuition

  • Cannot be split.
Should you have any questions or find discrepancies in your split data please email Implementations or call 866-930-4774 x 3. Once you are satisfied with the results of your split data you will respond to the login email with your official acceptance of the data and we will schedule the production run for your split.

Note: If your Diocese uses any Diocesan products, such as Diocesan Development Manager they will also review the data and will need to provide ParishSOFT with their official acceptance as well.

Step 6

Prior to your scheduled "split into production" date, you will notify all staff members to stop working in the parishes database. ParishSOFT will perform your Split into Production and email you with login information when it is complete. Your Split into Production will take approximately 3 business days.

Step 7

Begin Using your split databases!

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