DM Batches - Postings: How to change the contribution date or the fund of a posting in an open batch

How to change the contribution date or the fund of a posting in an open batch

To bring up the posting that you want to change, locate the batch card then click the Postings button.

When posting contributions to a batch, the postings will assume the fund and the posting date entered on the Batch Details page. If one particular entry has a different fund or a different date from the rest, you may change either by selecting the button that says, Change This Entry.

Before changing the date, you might want to check the fund date range

  • Date Change: Ensure the intended contribution date is within the parameters of the fund date span. The fund date span may be viewed by going to Home → Funds (Go to Funds). If you haven't done this before, click here for an article on How to search for a fund
    card view  card_view_icon.png
    grid view grid_view_icon.png
    • In this example, the posting date must be between January 1 and December 31 of 2020. If the date is outside of that range, and you must change the fund date range, see the article, How to change the fund date range.

How to update the date or the fund in a posting for an open batch

  1. If you received an error when trying to close or review the batch, close the error message screen and dismiss the error bar.
  2. From the Contributions → Postings page, Select the Change This Entry button.
  3. Update the posting date and/or the fund for this entry.
    • If the fund is not available to select from the dropdown, see the bullet above to check the date span that the fund is available for donations.
  4. Click Confirm then click the Save button to the right of the entry.

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